Alongside the benefits of the proposed OCECCA to the broader healthcare system and its stakeholders, the proposed centre also had some advantages specifically for regulators. OCECCA would:

  • offer access to knowledge and services related to the complex issue of language and communication standards through a one-stop centre;
  • support regulators in meeting recommendations from Ontario's Office of the Fairness Commissioner;
  • ensure long-term implementation of occupation-specific assessments  through a third-party, objective, specialized outsource option;
  • increase IEHP and public confidence in occupation-specific language assessment options;
  • provide professional advice regarding language standards for IEHP applicants;
  • enhance customer service as a source of professional assessment and training related to health-specific communication requirements (for IEHP applicants across Ontario, to address appeals, for remediation); and
  • move towards the Pan-Canadian Framework for the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Qualifications (Canada’s Action Plan).