The primary beneficiaries of an Ontario Centre of Excellence in Communication Competency Assessment would be the health sector and health-sector stakeholders:

  • IEHPs would benefit from assessments that more closely address their employability needs;
  • Employers would have access to IEHPs who are ready for employment and able to advance; 
  • Regulators would be able to chose occupation-specific language assessments as an option for demonstration of language proficiency; and
  • The Public would benefit from enhanced patient-centred care and service due to increased contributions from skilled and communication-proficient IEHPs in the health sector.

Moreover, the proposed OCECCA would fulfil many of the provincial and federal mandates with respect to healthcare and immigration priorities:

  • Ensure immigrants to Ontario have access to the support that they need to succeed and participate fully in the economy (Ontario Budget 2013);
  • Increase employability and workplace integration of immigrants (Ontario Immigration Strategy 2012);
  • Work with regulators and employers to improve the assessment and recognition of immigrant skills (Ontario Expert Roundtable on Immigration, Sept 2012);
  • Support Pan-Canadian Framework for the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Qualifications (Canada’s Action Plan, Ontario Expert Roundtable on Immigration);
  • Collaborate to reduce duplication in funding and maximize the use of existing programs and services for immigrants (Ontario Budget 2013);
  • Enhance safe and effective patient-focused care and services to ensure “quality of health for all” (Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care – better patient care through better value from our health care dollars, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care 2012)