Employers in the health sector would benefit significantly from the services of the proposed OCECCA, as they focus on improving communication competency and cross-cultural communication skills among workers in the healthcare field. The proposed centre would provide vital support to health sector employers through:

  • specialized occupation-specific language assessments and cross-cultural training that will help prepare IEHPs for employment and career progression;
  • resources and training that will address communication issues in the workplace, such as employee retention and team building;
  • support in meeting the Ministry of Health’s quality agenda for safe, effective, patient-focused quality care and services;
  • communication training programs and resources that are scalable and accessible to small and rural health workplaces;
  • an infrastructure for communication competency assessments that may allow for pre-arrival services for IEHPs in the future, which will help ease the employment and transition processes for both employers and IEHPs;
  • centralized access to the most current research and best practices in communication competency and language assessments.